Barclaycard Security

Some of our customers have received emails claiming to be from Barclays. These emails contain a link to what would appear to be a Barclays website, where customers are prompted to enter confidential information.

Please note that Barclays is in no way involved with these emails and the website does not belong to us. If you think you've received a fraudulent email, please delete it immediately and don't respond to it.

Barclays will never send emails asking for your confidential information. For your own security, please don't reply to any such emails or follow any links to websites claiming to be Barclays.

Other security alerts

It's always best to be suspicious of any requests for your confidential information. Beware of any emails claiming to be from Visa, which direct you to a website that asks for your card details and PIN number.

These emails are not from Visa, and the website is unauthorised. So please don't enter your personal details as no reputable card company will ever make unsolicited contact with customers or ask for security information or PIN numbers. This issue is currently under investigation and necessary action will be taken in order to close such websites down.