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What are your big New Year’s resolutions for 2022?

Can it really be the end of the year already? We’ve achieved a lot at Barclaycard Payments in 2021, with a wealth of new business and consumer research, new Cashback Rewards for our customers, and new partners across the board. As we hurtle towards another new year, we touch base with some of our colleagues from across the business, asking what their New Year’s resolutions are for 2022 – and how likely they are to stick to them!

Matt Thompson, Relationship Management Executive

"My big New Year's resolution for 2022 is to be more proactive in order to get more out of my days and weeks. One way I aim to do this is by giving more structure to my days and creating a better routine for myself. A big part of my resolution is to stop saying ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ – especially when it comes to going to the gym! Being more proactive would definitely have a huge impact on both my work and social life, so I will be doing my best to make sure I stick to my resolution!"

Emma Farrell, Business Development Manager- Partnerships

“As my role is based around partnerships in the travel industry, my New Year’s resolution is to schedule time in for myself to learn something new about the travel ecosystem. Although we learn new information all the time while carrying out our day jobs, the travel ecosystem is complex, fast-paced and ever changing. I think it is important to plan time specifically to increase my knowledge base; not just from a personal development point of view, but also to help me make the right business decisions for our new and existing partners.

“I will use this time to read industry news, explore further changes I may have been alerted to, check out new players in the market, and so on.  We can all become engrossed in the daily tasks we face but by taking this approach I am giving myself a realistic opportunity to succeed and develop myself which in turn will help me personally, our customers and the business - so definitely a great use of time.”

Jaiden Grant, Corporate Solutions Executive

“Adversity Is The Only Path To Greatness. This is the resolution and mind-set that will be by my side for the year of 2022.  The creation of this mantra stems from behind that it doesn’t matter how far you fall, or how difficult you find a task; it is human nature to prevail through to the other side. Through the intense upheaval that the last 2 years have brought, it has become clear to me that these disruptions can also be the periods of the greatest growth. Fast forward 365 days in to the new year and this mantra will be as apparent within me as it is observed by you!”

Lauren Coulton, Relationship Manager – Corporate Travel Payments

“In order to be successful in 2022, I am looking to stay focused, maintain a positive attitude and ultimately be passionate about chasing down my dreams. This resolution covers many aspects of my life to include my career, my hobbies and ultimately my future. I will stick to my resolution as, for the first time in two years, 2022 will bring a trip to Florida, a first competition with my newly-trained horse and many positive interactions with my clients. I need to be ready!”

Naomi Dhanaratne, Senior Strategic Relationship Manager – Multinational Corporates

“My New Year’s resolution is all about learning to achieve more balance in my life. What this means for me is pausing for breath in between calls, meetings, domestic duties and social activities. Giving myself permission to take time to regroup and reflect. Being balanced is part of my personal life ethos. The last two years have changed our societal norms and this has proven more challenging than I could ever have imagined. It will be hard to maintain but the motivation is the equilibrium I reach that allows me to maintain a successful, healthy and happy work-life environment.”

Emma Robinson, Senior Relationship Manager – Barclaycard Payments

“My New Year’s resolution for 2022 is to be on time! I’m always that person in a social scenario that gets a round of applause when I turn up on time because everybody is so surprised!  I’m determined to be on time throughout 2022 and not be rushing about and always apologising for being late. I’m very good at being on time when it comes to work, I just need to do the same in my personal life. I’d like to think I’m very likely to achieve this and I will be in the good books with my friends and family if I do stick to it, that’s for sure!”