Barclaycard payments colleagues

#MondayMotivation: Inspiring lessons from our Barclaycard Payments colleagues

Fulfilling your potential in the workplace takes a combination of dedication, passion and continuous learning. While in the 21st century we are fortunate to have access to a wealth of technology and resources to help make the learning process more fluid, self-led and convenient, it’s worth remembering that sometimes the biggest lessons come from the people around us; the colleagues and mentors willing to share nuggets of wit and wisdom gathered from their own experience. 

To brighten up your Monday and help you feel ready to take on the week ahead, here our Barclaycard Payments colleagues share the biggest lessons they’ve learned over their careers – how to negate fear, surrender control, boost your confidence and stay true to yourself – and why making the occasional mistake makes you a better team member.

Linda Weston, Head of Core Products

 “Don’t let a lack of confidence hold you back, no one is confident all of the time regardless of their seniority or level of experience”

When speaking to mentees, I’m always struck by how often the issue of confidence comes up. All too often they are looking at others they perceive to be really confident and benchmarking themselves against that perception.  However, the reality is that everyone will experience a crisis of confidence from time to time and will have worked to overcome it.”

Phil Harding, Director of International Corporates

“Hold out for the right role.”

Always pursue roles that excite you. You will be far more impactful and ultimately more successful in your role and your career if you take on roles that you are enthusiastic about, can enjoy and bring energy to. Career progression will follow naturally. A few years back, I was impatient to get promoted into a leadership role, so when a leadership role came up I should have jumped at it. However, the role itself didn’t excite me as much as I would have liked and was advised by an experienced friend to hold out for the right role. So, I did and six months later, a role came up that really excited me, which I went for– and got! I was successful in that leadership role and that then gave me the opportunity to continue to progress my career further. I look back and question whether I would have been able to carry on progressing to the next stage in my career if I had taken that original role without the same level of enthusiasm, excitement and enjoyment.

Jon Hussey, Head of Data & Strategic Analytics

“Embrace every opportunity to learn, grow and become your best self.”

You continue to learn throughout life, both at work and home. In the current pandemic, it is more important than ever to focus on self-development.  Set yourself clear personal development goals, focusing on both what you’ve always wanted to learn (safe), and something that will take you out of your comfort zone (stretch).  When you put your mind to it, the areas you’re apprehensive about or less confident in can become strengths for future growth and further opportunities.

Elly McMeehan, Head of Business & Professional Services

“Dream big. Start small– but START.”

This mantra is post-it noted on my whiteboard! It resonates with me as it reminds me to not have limiting beliefs and to keep pushing the boundaries. It reminds me how to make things actually happen – by breaking the task down into something manageable and achievable and then making a go of it rather than procrastinating. Another favourite phrase of mine is “Just do it” – but I think a well-known sports brand have that one trademarked…

Joanne Gray, New Business Manager

“Everyone who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

My sales role has recently expanded into new areas and the thought of learning all the aspects of a different part of the business can seem like a ‘mountain’, but if we can start by moving small stones and not allowing the prospect of the mountain stress us– it becomes more bearable and palatable.

Christina Choudhury, Director of Business Management

“A team is at its best in the best of times and in the most challenging of times.”

For me, nothing quite beats galvanising a team to solve a new challenge in fresh and new ways. You might start with a blank sheet of paper and a tight deadline, but bring it all together and you can get the most powerful of results.

Jen Drabble, Director of Data Product, Science and Analytics

“It’s not failing, it’s experimenting.”

 Every mistake or failure is an opportunity– when we stop experiencing, we stop learning. Asking yourself, “What did I learn?” is a great way to pause and reflect, and helps you to shift a negative experience into something you can positively take away from it. Test, learn, change! This is a concept I’ve explored in coaching historically and it really resonates with me because I had such a fear of making mistakes– but was such a fan of learning. Reframing situations into an opportunity for learning helps me to keep perspective and encourages growth.

Do any of these pieces of advice resonate? Whatever lessons you’ve learned in your own career so far, it never hurts to hear what motivates others – particularly on a Monday morning when we might need a bit of a boost! Hopefully you’ve been inspired by our #MondayMotivation quotes for your week ahead.