Barclaycard Valentine's couple Luciana and Grant

Valentine’s Day at Barclaycard Payments: Luciana and Grant

Valentine’s Day 2021 - love is the air and many are looking forward to the big day. Although, of course, this year our plans all look remarkably similar. But when you work with your significant other, is every day like Valentine’s Day?

To tell us more, ahead of this Valentine’s Day we caught up with three Barclays power couples. Meet Luciana and Grant, from Northampton…

How did you meet?

Grant: I am from Scotland and Luciana is from Brazil. We met in Northampton when we were out with mutual friends one evening – it’s a bit of a long story, although I will say it was not at the Barclays Northampton Campus! I didn’t work for Barclays when we met. 

How long have you been together?

Luciana: We have been together for 15 years now – and married for 12 of those. 

What is your current role?

Luciana: I am a PA within Barclaycard Payments looking after three Directors.

Grant: I am a Procurement Manager within Supplier Management and am fortunate to be part of a team of great people that are experts in managing third-party relationships within the Barclays supply chain.

Do your roles mean that you ever work closely together or are they separate?

Grant: Funnily enough, because of our different roles and where we were located in the building, prior to lockdown we never crossed paths at the Northampton Campus in five years! Then Luciana changed roles a few months before lockdown, meaning that we both work with some of the same colleagues now - although not directly. And of course, we both currently work from home – so, in that sense we are in the same office now.

What’s the best thing about working together?

Luciana: It’s great that your partner can empathise with you more closely when you both know the same company, culture and people.

What’s the worst thing about working together?

Grant: Sometimes I am looking for time in the diary with one of Luciana’s Directors – and she always puts me to the back of the queue!

What do your families think about you working together?

Luciana: Our families think it’s great – in fact my sister also works with us! Our son sometimes mentions that he might want to work here too, but at eight years old he also wants to be a footballer, a Jedi Knight and an astronaut. In all seriousness, I have worked with Barclays for 18 years now and Grant has been here for about six and a half having worked in another industry for 15 years or so. That gives us a nice balance of lots of Barclays knowledge but also outside experience.

What do your colleagues think about working with a couple?

Luciana: Most people sympathise with me for having to live and work with Grant! But it’s also very nice that we have colleagues who have become mutual friends to us both.

How do you normally celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Grant: We often go out to see a film for Valentine’s Day. Luciana is a great chef so some nice steaks and a bottle of red wine would probably accompany that.

Are you planning anything special this year?

Luciana: Yes, this year just to do something different for lockdown, we are having a night in!

 How has the pandemic impacted your working lives? What has proven the biggest challenge?

Grant: Until lockdown, I had only worked from home for about six days in the past six years, so it has been quite a change. The first lockdown in March of 2020 was most challenging. As always, we were both extremely busy at work, our son was at home and we were worried for his wellbeing being cut off from kids his age. Thankfully, as things have progressed, our situation has become considerably more bearable, but we would say home schooling whilst working ourselves has been the biggest challenge by far. Luciana did a great job managing it all (she became Head Teacher!) and we received great support from our colleagues.

What makes your partner so special?

Grant: Luciana has a warm heart and has a lot of time for people. She makes me laugh and puts up with my eclectic (she would say dreadful) taste in music!

Luciana: Grant is a great husband and a great dad to our son. He has a very similar sense of humour to me so we laugh and smile a great deal!

We loved hearing from Northampton couple Luciana and Grant. Stay tuned to hear from our two other Barclays couples…