Kirsty Morris

Advice on how to develop your career

Hear from some of Barclaycard Payments leaders on their career journeys and top tips

It’s always a challenging time when looking for the next step in your career, and even more so during the current situation. Asking others for help and advice is a great way to start, particularly if they have recently been successful in changing their role or been promoted. In Barclaycard Payments, three of our leaders provide advice they have for others looking to grow and develop their careers.

Kirsty Morris, Managing Director, Account Development, Barclays Payments

I am a veritable Barclays veteran, having been with the business for 20 years and I see my role a great opportunity to break the mould and show what you can achieve as a working mum. As someone who has ‘grown up’ in the organisation, I carry a deep sense of pride in my position and have always carefully considered the longer term impacts on the decisions I take.

I believe you should continue to inspire and help colleagues grow. I was lucky that my line manager was an incredible mentor, particularly throughout my recent promotion process, and his support and guidance were important to me. I think everyone at all levels can be a role model and I would strongly recommend mentor relationships as a way to help development.

My advice to others looking at any promotion or career move is to consider what it really means to them, and for them. Preparation is also key – building up your knowledge, skills and confidence will help you get it right when it counts.

Joe Jessup, Managing Director, Head of Digital, Barclays Payments

My recent promotion was a good opportunity for feedback and to receive a broad perspective on my leadership skills. It was a moment to reflect on my 15-year career with Barclays during which time I’ve worked with great people, moved around the organisation, learnt new skills and had some amazing experiences.

Any interview process can be nerve-wracking, but if you’re looking for that next move, I’d say try not to stress about it and continue to bring your best self to work every day. If you focus on what you do and how you do it then you will find the right way to represent yourself and your impact. Even if that doesn’t lead to the outcome you hope for, then it’s still a very positive process to go through and you can use it to focus on what you need to develop for a future role.

I’ve always found mentoring a positive exercise to go through, helping you move forward in your career. I like to be quite specific when working with a mentor or when I’m mentoring others, focusing on one or two development areas and taking actions to address them.

Ian Reid, MD, Small Business Cards, Barclays Payments

A previous employer once told me that I was ‘quirky in the way I worked’ and that they liked ‘quirky’, but this may not always be the case, so I’m really pleased that Barclays also see this as a positive trait. I think it pays testament to the process and senior management within the business that individuality is welcomed and embraced.

For me, my new position has opened up additional avenues. I am involved in a wider spectrum of activity and able to provide input into the business as a whole, not just my specific area of managing our Business Cards portfolio. I am able to take faster actions and play my part in driving the objectives of the business in a wider cross functional way. I feel empowered to develop our strategy and know I have the confidence of the business and a great team to back me up.

I am really passionate about improving the wider work environment. I believe I am simply borrowing this role and need to make it better for the next person and use it to improve the experience for our customers. That’s what Stewardship is all about.

My tips for others seeking promotion is to be true to your ideals and personal ethos. Being authentic has got you to where you are so stand up for what you believe in and be as proud of your mistakes as your successes.

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