Partners and sponsorships

Partners and Sponsorships

Our Partners

Partnerships give us the opportunity to combine our payment expertise with the range of features our business partners can offer, creating unforgettable experiences for our customers.

Whether it’s improving our services through third-party tech providers or partnering with FinTechs to bring more skills and capabilities to the business, partnerships give our customers greater freedom to pay their favourite way… and also the flexibility to accept more payments, too.

But when it comes to building a strong partnership, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Every business works differently, and that means each partnership is unique.

It’s clear that by working together, partnerships have far reaching benefits. Not only is it a win-win for the partners themselves and customers alike, but it can drive innovation, new features, and opportunities to grow.

Barclaycard and BigCommerce

BigCommerce is one of our recent strategic partners and together we help our customers set up their businesses online. Watch our video featuring Brent Bellm, CEO of BigCommerce and Rob Cameron, CEO of Barclaycard Payments discussing the strengths of the partnership. 

Our Sponsorships

Barclaycard Entertainment

  • Brings you exclusive customer presales – saving 10% on tickets across eight Live Nation festivals, and our headline events, including Capital’s Summertime Ball, Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball and Radio X presents.
  • When you buy tickets through Barclaycard Entertainment, you’ll save 5% on selected events tickets at O2 Academy Venues when you pay with your Barclaycard.
  • Plus, save 5% on food and drink across our selected Festivals, Headline Events and O2 Academy venues when you pay with Barclaycard. And, extra exclusive benefits.

First dibs at festivals and gigs

Fancy Latitude festival? Download? The Isle of Wight festival? As a Barclaycard customer you get exclusive presale tickets (saving 10%) at these and five other big festivals. And when you’re there, with our Barclaycard perks, customers save 5% on drinks to get the party started, with other exclusive benefits. All thanks to our partnership with Live Nation.

You can also save 5% at the checkout on our huge range of selected entertainment events – concerts, theatre, expos, comedy and sport – when you pay with your Barclaycard. This includes thousands of shows at O2 Academy venues across the UK, plus you can save 5% on food and drink on the night. High fives all round.

Check out Barclaycard Entertainment to find out more.

Barclaycard in partnership with Global

We’ve extended our line-up of showbiz partners and are proud to say we’re working with Global, the Media and Entertainment group, to give you access to the best in entertainment. We’re thrilled to be the headline sponsor for many of their events including Capital’s Summertime Ball, Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball, and Radio X Presents.

Our  customers will be given first dibs on presale tickets for these events, on top of Barclaycard Entertainment’s other perks.

Don’t miss a beat thanks to Barclaycard

We make tech that does the hard work for you. Contactless payments – mobile, card, wearable – mean quicker trips to the bar. Pingit means settling up with friends straight away (with no squabbling). And payment protection means you can leave worries at home.